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My career began at Portland, Maine start-up called Emergent Discovery LLC. The internship turned into a full time job where every day I was encouraged to contribute my ideas in every aspect of the development life cycle. Whether it was assisting the creative director with the product’s front-end user interface or critiquing the user experience from a developer vs. consumer perspective, there was always something I brought to the table. As time went on I held multiple roles, which went beyond front-end development. Being designated as the primary Quality Assurance tester was a daunting, yet rewarding task. Managing the social media presence for the product allowed me to experiment with creative ideas and concepts to reach wider audiences. From time to time I’d even help mentor our marketing interns and provide deliverables to bring them up to speed with what we were trying to accomplish.

Overall it was a great experience and I learned more than I ever imagined, since I was working amongst a great group of people who are veterans in the industry with impressive backgrounds ranging from Microsoft, Apple, Wired, and Verizon. I made the move to Denver recently because I needed some new scenery, love to snowboard, and was impressed with the design/tech scene out here during my first visit. Currently I hold an AS in Computer Technology, but have plans of going back to school when the time is right. Design school is something I’d love to pursue if things work out. For close to a decade I’ve immersed myself in cutting edge technologies, web languages, and design principles. My goal at the moment is to build a robust portfolio of work through an agency or freelance jobs, and to also establish a wide network of professional relationships. When I’m not in front of a glowing screen you can usually find me heading to the mountain, on my bike, or watching the game at the Irish Snug in Capitol Hill. If you like my work and want to collaborate in the future, please drop me an email or phone call.

phone: 207-776-3535 || email: info@robjacobsdev.com

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Selected Work

Contributed to the FlyFi Music Discovery site's front-end development, QA testing, Social Media Presence, and brand strategy.

Sample of contest banners created for indie label affiliates

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